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  The association Madarbres was created in 2007 and works on the identification, protection and respect of Malagasy forests and trees, through sustainable development of local communities, using as a teaching tool tree climbing.



  Mad'arbres offers activitys for all types of groups and people, as well as accompanying scientifique expiditions, and teaching courses in environmental awareness and sustainable development.


  This type of Tree climbing was born in the late 80s, at the initiative of social workers and educators. The activity, whose specificity is to respect the tree, its morphology and its ecosystem through a suitable equipment and techniques, has been continuously developing since. It is governed by a strict code of ethics and safety standards.



  Mad'arbres founder, Lionel Lagermette (pictured above), a French climber and instructor, moved to Madagascar in 2003. He travelled the country meeting people, visiting forests and  quickly fell in love with this exceptional environment. Wanting to protect this unique heritage the idea of proposing tree-climbing was born leading to the creation of Madarbres thus participating directly in the development and protection of the Malagasy forests.


  Today the association has trained over twenty Malagasy climbers, has shown the Malagasy  forest canopy to thousands of people and has participated in several successful local development projects.


  The main objective is to participate in forest protection and sustainable local development in Madagascar by:

- The development of ecotourism and sustainable tourism activities, thus creating sources of income for local people

- Training of local guides/climbers

- Hightend awareness of climbers and local populations

- Support for scientific research missions helping to contribute to a better knowledge of these forests

- Participation in projects of sustainable exploitation of the forest

- Reforestation


Visit our website for more information about our activities and do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.