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Located in countries Tanala (man of the forest), the city was originally Ambatomainty. This is a result of the discovery in 1880 of a hot spring near the river it was renamed Namorona Ranomafana (hot water).


In 1986, it was the discovery of a new species of lemur, the lemur Aureus which contributed to the creation of the National Park.


This park is renowned for its lush rainforest, rich in unique biodiversity.





You will have a unique experience that takes you into the world of lemurs. You can observe the epiphytes in the trees including orchids of the genus Bulbophyllum or Eulophellia, endemic birds and can be crossed one of the 12 species of lemurs living in the park.



- Tourism participatory and inclusive:


On this site, we can also offer tours to discover the city and its attractions. You can meet artisans (sculptors, craft -based recycling, silk weaving,...), the traditional producers (vanilla, honey, coffee, cinnamon, fruit, fish, herbs, essential oils,...), visit the arboretum, natural care centre. The ballad can end with a short climb to access a view of the city and its surroundings.



We can also offer you visit a Tanala village on a half day trip. Tanala people, a minority, living in the foothills of the highlands. It coexists with the forest and makes a living (food, medicinal plants, materials,...). They have maintained a good working knowledge of traditional medicine. Some healers know the virtues of several hundred plants.

Spend an unforgettable and full of discoveries.




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