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For a lot of research on forest ecosystems, the study subject is at the top of the tree. Indeed, in tropical forests, an average of 70% of biodiversity is found in the canopy.


Our climbing technics and experience gives you an effective tool to assist you in your research and to give you access to the treetops



 We practice all types of work in and around trees: access to the summit for sampling, observations, counts and inventories fauna and flora, installation of platforms and carriages that allow to stay for a long periods in the trees, ...

We can also assist you to install cameras for shooting purpose (opening flower movies, pollinators, birdwatching ...).

Our local knowledge allows us to adapt smoothly to all types of constraints.


Missions carried out:

- Collect and observation in the baobabs with CIRAD (International Center for Research in Agronomy and Development).

Fifteen missions were carried out in this framework between 2008 and 2011. With us, scientists were able to set up several protocols:

- Samples of nectar, insects, capture the scent to study the pollination process

- Water system study with various measures in the canopy

- Insect samples to study parasites

- Samples of bark, leaves and flowers for DNA studies

- Samples to make herbarium specimens

- Observation to identify the different visitors


- Study of the Red Ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) conducted by a primatologist from the Oregon University in California

 Two missions were carried out within this framework, in 2009 and 2010.

The primatologist was able to observe and photograph the lemurs in the canopy from a suspended platform to provide accurate identification sheets for individual populations in the search area of ??Andranobe in the forest of Masoala.

- Research on the diet of the Woolly Lemur (Avahi laniger) with the Mitsinjo Association

Leaves, fruits and flowers collect were carried out to identify the different species of trees which are in the diet of this lemur.

- Indri Indri Vocalizations research for the Turin University

 Setting up microphones in the canopy to record Indri Indriís vocalizations and study their communication behavior.

We also take outlet temperatures over 24 hours in different canopy strata, to study its impact on the vocalizations recording.

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