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The Activities

We can offer different types of activities:


- Half day discovery:

Join us in the trees for an unforgettable half day. You will climb till the canopy to discover trees and their inhabitants.

You will be framed by professionals and skilled guide who will explain you the different basic techniques to reach the summit safely. You will then live an intense moment in this world apart, the canopy.

- Overnight camping:

Time of a dream! After half a day of discovery, we can offer to spend the night in this fantastic world, safely of course. Quietly installed in your hammock, you will fall asleep and will wake up feeling as a Lemur !

- Introductory course:

For those who wish to go further in the knowledge of the activity, technics and practice. (Laying hammock, stroll along from tree to tree ...). We propose here to learn some technics to be able to climb trees and riding independently.

These courses can last from 2 to 5 days depending on the level you want to achiev

- Custom Animation:

We can also offer entertainment suitable for special events as birthdays, shows, field trips, Incentive, shooting photos and video...

You must book in advance for all events. Indeed, we do not let our materials permanently installed but are setting up for each service. This is to avoid damaging the material sensitive to UV and our hosts, the trees.


We can offer different sites for this entertainment but also work on all sites with trees. Refer service to a different site from those we offer, identification is necessary for us to tell you what we can do.


For further details on the possibilities offered by each site we offer, you can contact us.

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